Employee Retention

Posted by: TQM Staff

Employee Retention

Your employees should feel excited to come to work every day. Employers can achieve this by creating a comfortable, inviting work environment. Staff who are happy stay longer, work harder and contribute more to a company's success. Here are five things your company can do to improve employee satisfaction.


5 Ways Dentist Offices Can Improve Their Employee Experience


  1. Make your staff feel valued

In one study, 66% of employees said they would leave their jobs if they didn’t feel appreciated. Companies that want to create a positive work environment must ensure workers feel valued and comfortable. One way to do this is to make the workplace feel as inviting as their homes.

Businesses can achieve this by:

  • Allowing employees to choose their chairs when they first arrive at the office
  • Offering them a variety of snacks, tea, and coffee while they work
  • Buying premium quality items like bathroom lotion and face wipes
  • Fostering a peaceful, calming environment with natural light and noise reduction
  • Purchasing the right equipment for staff to feel safe and comfortable

Incorporating these increases employee satisfaction, directly affecting a company’s bottom line. 

  1. Respond to feedback

Everyone wants to know that their opinions matter. When employees feel like their suggestions are taken into consideration at a company, they value their role more. To foster honest communication, leaders should create a culture of respect and empathy. 

There are many programs to help you capture employee feedback like surveys and performance management tools. When you understand what your workforce needs, you can create a positive work experience for them.

  • Organize staff events 
  • Organizing events that foster a sense of community can build trust, teamwork, and happiness. When everyone meshes together in fun events, collaborating during work becomes seamless. At our company, we host events like ice cream socials, annual white elephant gift exchanges, and festive holiday gatherings. Team-building activities decrease employee stress, improve communication, and encourage company loyalty. 

    Here are some fun ideas businesses can incorporate into their teams:

    • Improv workshops build quick thinking and communication skills.
    • Escape rooms encourage collaboration and logical thinking.
    • Painting classes build creativity and help employees relax.

  • Encourage employee wellbeing
  • Employee health is becoming a larger discussion in the corporate world. With 87% of workers wishing their current employers would offer more health benefits, prioritizing wellbeing is vital. When employees’ physical, emotional, and psychological wellness is high, the workforce becomes more efficient and productive. 

    Most companies want to offer wellbeing benefits but don’t know where to start. Here are some ideas companies can implement:

    • Breaks — Employees who sit for long periods suffer health risks. Our company provides multiple breaks to help our staff renew their energy. 
    • Healthy snacks — Junk food makes people feel groggy and disengaged. By providing healthy options, workers have the energy to be productive. 
    • Mental health benefits — Health goes beyond the physical body. When employers support the emotional health of their staff, the office remains a happy place.  

  • Develop employee skills 
  • Companies should always ensure their workforce is developing and growing. When workers learn more, they produce better results. Helping employees develop their skills through online courses, team meetings, and training opportunities is critical for company growth. Skill development increases job satisfaction and work efficiency.

    Regular team meetings are another way for employees to share their knowledge and experiences. This allows coworkers to learn from each other in a collaborative environment. 

    When companies learn the practices that improve employee experience in the workplace, they create happier teams. As a result, company growth, culture, and profit benefit.

    Here are our top recommendations for your dental office: 

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