Ecosite Elements Highlight Syringe

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Incisal $48.85 12706161 222816 2gm Syringe One-Time Order
Opaque A2 $48.85 12706162 222817 2gm Syringe One-Time Order
White $48.85 12706163 222818 2gm Syringe One-Time Order
Brown $48.85 12706164 222819 2gm Syringe One-Time Order
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Product Information:
  • Ecosite Elements is a light-curing nanohybrid composite system for the anterior and posterior region that can be used to cover 98% of all typical treatments; especially esthetically demanding cases.
  • 4 colors in 4 opacities
  • Flowable consistency
  • Masking of discolored areas
  • Reproduction of white and brown spots and the replication of brown spots
  • Esthetic incisal edge design
  • Fissure sealing
  • Company: DMG