ORCA Complete Dry Socket Solution & Foam Sponges

Orca Products
Orca Products
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All Natural Liquid $136.99 19129102 310993 13 mL Bottle One-Time Order
Gelatin Hemostatic Sponges - 10 x 10 x 10mm $202.99 19129103 OF-101010 32 / Box One-Time Order
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Product Information:

  • ORCA Complete Dry Socket Solution & Foam Sponges
  • All natural and clinically proven treatment for dry sockets and oral pain
  • Highly-effective & non-medicated alternative to traditional dry-socket treatments consists only of essential oils, Aloe Vera and other proprietary natural ingredients
  • 95% of patients experience complete resolution of dry socket symptoms with one treatment
  • Recommended to be applied to socket or extraction site with ORCA Foam which will dissolve within a week without the need for removal
  • Porcine Gelatin Hemostatic Sponges
  • Company: Orca