Sani Vac Evacuation System Cleaner

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Sani Vac Evacuation System Cleaner $68.99 10810116 JVAC 1 x 1 Gallon One-Time Order
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Product Information:
  • Multi Enzyme Evacuation System Cleaner
  • Low-foaming
  • Ensures evacuation lines remain unclogged
  • Effectively removes saliva, mucus and blood that build up and block HVE evacuation lines
  • 1:100 Dilution
  • Mix 1 ounce of SANI Vac Cleaner with 100 ounces of warm water
  • Neutral pH (7.0 when mixed)
  • Treat up to 384 lines per gallon
  • Lemon Scented
  • Company: Crosstex

Additional Information

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