Xantasil Alginate Substitute

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Dynamix Fast Set
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$117.70 19412128 66052101 2 x 380 ml cartridges + 2 dynamix mixing tips and 1 fixation ring One-Time Order
Fast Set Cartridge Refill
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$58.70 19412129 66052102 6 x 50 ml cartridges + 6 green mixing tips One-Time Order
Fast Set Cartridge Bulk
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$388.65 19412130 66067514 50 x 50 ml cartridges One-Time Order
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Product Information:
  • Xantasil® Alginate Substitute
  • A-silicone alginate substitute, ensuring robust impressions every time
  • Impressive dimensional stability, reducing the time pressure from subsequent working steps and eliminates the need to take several impressions
  • Covers all anatomical impression-indications, such as impressions for temporaries, orthodontic models, opposing jaw models and splints
  • Suitable for delayed pouring without loss of accuracy
  • Automatic mixing, high surface quality, and low final hardness
  • Company: Kulzer

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